Pregnant Woman in Critical Condition After New Braunfels Pedestrian Accident

A pregnant woman crossing the street near a fire station in New Braunfels was struck by a pickup truck on Loop 337, leaving her in critical condition, police said.

According to reports, the woman was approximately 6 months pregnant when she was struck by a Ford F-150 pickup. The driver of the pickup stopped at the scene of the New Braunfels pedestrian accident.

Although the identity of the woman and the condition of her unborn baby have not been revealed by police, authorities did note that she was transported to a hospital in San Antonio for the treatment of the serious injuries resulting from the Texas pedestrian accident.

Although pedestrian-auto accident are often detrimental occurrences that can provoke serious injuries and death among walkers, runners and bikers, the injury of a woman during pregnancy can cause serious injuries to the baby and woman who is struck.

Immediate treatment and follow-up care is imperative to protecting a mother and unborn baby, who are involved in a pedestrian accident or auto accident. Pre-term labor, birth defects, internal bleeding, miscarriage and hemorrhaging are all just some of the injuries and results that can sometimes accompany auto accidents and pedestrian accidents involving pregnant women. In addition to the physical damage that can be associated with involvement in an accident, pregnant women may also experience mental and emotional stress as a result, which can sometimes spark distress among unborn babies.

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