Previous Use of DES During Millions of Pregnancies Tied to Severe Health Problems in Offspring

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 6-Oct-2011


Health industry professionals have begun to tie increases in breast cancer and other health problems with medicationgiven to millions of pregnant women.

A synthetic form of estrogen, the drug, known as DES, or diethylstibestrol, is increasingly being linked with instances of breast cancer in the daughters of women who took the drug during pregnancy. But while female offspring of women taking the drug have endured health complications related to it, sons of women who partook are not exempt from adverse side effects, researchers said.

DES was prescribed among a multitude of women to prevent miscarriage, bleeding and premature birth in 1940’s to 1960’s. While the drug was widely used among pregnant women, it was later shown to be ineffective at preventing various complications and its use was discontinued by the early 1970’s.

Despite the end to prescriptions of DES, the daughters and sons of women who used the drug regimen continue to reap the negative side effects associated with its use. While breast cancer is one of the concerns held by health care professionals regarding DES, an array of complications have surfaced, from rare forms of vaginal cancer to infertility. New health problems tied to DES use continue to emerge, sparking wonder among consumers regarding a broader, more complete picture of serious dangers linked.

Although the average woman has a one in 50 chance of developing breast cancer before turning 55, daughters of women who used DES have a one in 25 chance, according to recent studies.

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