Private Military Contracting Company Won’t Face Trial Over Convoy Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 13-Jan-2012

Private military contractor, KBR Inc. and its parent company, Halliburton Co. have escaped a jury trial after claims were made against them, alleging their role in the injury against civilian convoy members in a 2004 stint in Iraq, Bloomberg recently reported.

According to the U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans, whether or not the private military contracting company’s negligence or poor decisions played a part in the injury of convoy drivers is not the important issue at hand. Instead, the Court highlights a U.S. law that protects the private military contractor from lawsuits alleging such negligence.

The appeal comes from a 2005 suit against the civilian contractors sparked by family members of the seven drivers killed while working for the company as support for the military in Iraq. Families of the fatalities asserted that KBR recruited employees on the premise of offering them a safe work environment, giving prospective employees the option to decline participation with projects and missions that they deemed as dangerous.

Although claims made by the family highlight the inaccuracy of KBR’s recruiting practices, the Houston based company’s arguments displayed their necessary support for troops and inability to refuse orders given by the U.S. Army.

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