Rear Tire Failure Kills Two Port Arthur Residents in Louisiana Rollover Accident

Two residents of Port Arthur were killed when the vehicle they were riding in experienced rear tire failure, causing the driver to lose control in a Louisiana rollover accident.

Officials identified the two fatalities as 22-year-old Toya Dynae Williams and 65-year-old Gwendolyn Jernigan. Williams and Jernigan were both ejected from the vehicle.

In addition, an 11-month-old baby was also ejected from the SUV in the Louisiana rollover crash. The child was transported to the hospital with injuries resulting from the car accident.

The driver of the SUV was identified as 22-year-old Jeremy Marquis Williams. Williams endured minor injuries as a result of the Louisiana rollover accident that left his passengers dead.

Police are still investigating the rollover accident in Louisiana.

Tire failure, in general, can have serious consequences for vehicle occupants, especially those traveling at highway speeds. But while tire failure in and of itself can have serious results, rear tire failure can be even more serious, especially on SUV’s with higher centers of gravity. When the rear tire of an SUV experiences tread separation, where the treads literally come apart from the body of the tire, the driver of a vehicle is vulnerable to loss of control, provoking rollover accident and other serious wrecks.

Tire manufacturers and auto makers both have the responsibility to provide consumers with safe products. Defective tires, old materials sold as new and bad design can all factor into the safety or a tire. Selling defective tires, delaying recalls and selling vehicles with bad equipment leaves consumers at risk for enduring serious injuries and death that can occur when their vehicle overturns or crashes.

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