Returning Home: Rising Military Divorce Rates

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 17-Oct-2011


As many as 70,000 U.S. troops are slated to return home from Afghanistan and Iraq by next summer, provoking leaders, families and soldiers to examine the effects time in the Middle East has had on the personal lives of troops and their loved ones.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, brain injury, substance abuse, military divorce and a struggling economy are just some of the obstacles military members returning from war will have to face.

After enduring longer and more frequent deployments, troops sometimes return home to children who don’t know them and an unstable family environment. According to a 2007 report, Families Under Stress, “the demands of military service may severely constrain the ability of spouses in military marriages to maintain closeness and intimacy.” The report notes that two factors may be affecting the rate of dissolution of marriage in military members: increased stress and the quickening rate of marriage.

Communication lapses, time spent apart and on-the-job stress can create a barrier within a military divorce that makes divorce a, sometimes, likely result that effects thousands of service members each year.

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