Rider Killed in San Antonio Bicycle Accident on FM 78

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 28-Feb-2013

A fatal San Antonio bicycle accident claimed the life of a rider who was struck by a motor vehicle while traveling on FM 78 Wednesday evening, police reported.

Although police have not yet identified the driver of the vehicle involved or the victims of the bicycle accident in San Antonio, the vehicle was identified as a Chrysler 300, according to a report published by KSAT News.

Authorities on the scene are associating the dark stretch of road as a contributing factor that may have provoked the fatal accident.

As a result of the initial collision of the vehicle with the bicyclist, the rider was ejected from the bike, where he fell beneath the vehicle and was drug for several feet. The rider was still stuck under the car when the Chrysler came to a halt, police said.

The woman driving the car is not expected to be charged in the relation to the bicycle accident on FM 78.

The darkness of the roadway where the crash occurred may have definitely been an important factor leading to this tragic accident, drivers are responsible for controlling their speed in a manner that allows them to react and stop.

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