Rider Killed in San Marcos Motorcycle Accident

A Texas motorcycle accident on Hunter Road claimed the life of a San Marcos rider when a pickup truck pulled out of a business drive way, partially blocking the roadway and causing the motorcyclist to lose control of the bike in an attempt to avoid the truck.

Police identified the rider who was killed in the San Marcos motorcycle accident as 65-year-old Stephen Werth.

Police said Werth was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle at the time of the crash on Hunter Road. As a result of the loss of control, the motorcycle slid into the pickup truck. Werth was ejected from the bike as a result of the collision.

Werth was transported to Central Texas Medical Center via ground ambulance. He later died as a result of the injuries he sustained.

Austin Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents can often be fatal because of the inadequate protection riders have and the major size difference between bikes and vehicles, especially commercial trucks and large vehicles. Although helmet use can be an important part of protecting oneself, motorcycle ejection can leave riders with serious, life-changing and even fatal injuries.

Attentive driving by both riders and drivers of larger motor vehicles can play an important role in protecting motorcyclists and surrounding drivers and auto occupants.

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