Rollover Accident in Arizona Kills Two Midland Teens

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 4-Sep-2012

A rollover accident in Arizona claimed the lives of two students from Midland, Texas when the SUV they were riding in overturned on Saturday, officials said.

Department of Public Safety officials identified the two teens as 18-year-old Robert Henson and 14-year-old Bryce Carrigan.

Police said the boys were on a school trip at the time of the rollover accident, that occurred on an Indian reservation in Arizona.

The driver of the SUV was identified as Matt Slavick, who was treated for injuries he endured in the crash but was later released.

Authorities are still investigating what may have caused the rollover accident that killed the Midland teens.

SUV’s and pickup trucks can pose a higher risk of rollover because of their, often, boxy design and higher centers of gravity. But despite the risk of overturning, manufacturers are armed with the technology to protect occupants from serious head injuries, neck injuries and vehicles ejection with safety equipment and design elements.

The roof of a vehicle is designed to meet crush standards that should prevent the roof of a vehicle from smashing and invading the vulnerable protective space between an occupant’s head and the roof. Despite these standards, defective seatbelts, inadequacies in air bags and faulty equipment sometimes fail to protect drivers and passengers, resulting in serious injury and even death.

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