Rollover Accident in Laredo Injures at Least Four

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 29-Feb-2012

Although officials are still investigating the crash and little has been revealed regarding the identities and details of Laredo rollover accident that took place near the intersection of Bismark Street and Smith Avenue.

According to reports, the vehicle involved was a dark colored SUV, which endured severe damage to its roof. Additionally, shattered glass could be seen strewn across the scene of the Texas rollover accident where the roadways impacted the windshield as the vehicle overturned.

Developing technology and emerging data allows vehicle manufacturers to develop and produce cars, trucks and SUV’s that can withstand some of the most serious auto accidents. But despite new information highlighting safety equipment that can protect drivers and passengers during severe accidents, some companies simply follow minimum standards in order to protect their bottom line.

The space between the head and upper body of vehicle occupants and the roof is reinforced by roof pillars, that, during a rollover accident, should help prevent the vehicle from invading the protective space and guarding against head injuries, neck injuries and spine injuries that can occur during rollover accidents.

Additionally, the glass in a vehicle serves a greater purpose than merely protecting drivers from debris and bugs while driving. Instead, glass can be a safety device in and of itself, keeping vehicle occupants secured within the vehicle, even as a car overturns.

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