Rollover Accident on Highway 21 in Bryan Leaves Three Children Injured

A rollover accident in Bryan on Highway 21 left three children injured Monday afternoon, when the vehicle they were riding in lost control and overturned, police said.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety officials, the Suburban SUV lost control when it lost a tire, causing it to roll near Mathis Creek.

Two of the children in the vehicle were transported to St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan for injuries they endured in the rollover car accident in Bryan.

A teenage girl was transported to St. Joseph via helicopter, officials said.

Issues with a vehicles tire can often result in serious rollover accidents, especially when trucks and SUV’s are involved. Because of their higher level of gravity, SUV’s and pickup trucks can be particularly vulnerable to rollover accidents, making proper, safe tires a vital piece of equipment.

In many cases, drivers and even loved ones of victims may struggle with the aftermath of a rollover accident, wondering what could have been done differently to prevent the injuries and death accompanying.

But while victims search for details surrounding an accident in an effort to answer developing questions, some rollover accidents may be linked to defective auto products, such as bad tires, inadequate roof pillars or defective seatbelts that provoke ejection.

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