Rollover Car Accident on Highway 281 May Have Been Caused by Tire Blowout

Five people were injured when an SUV they were riding in experienced a tire blowout, causing it to lose control and rollover on Highway 281 near Miller Road, police said.

According to reports, the Chevrolet Suburban was traveling in north Hidalgo County as the time of the Highway 281 car accident. No other vehicles were involved in the rollover accident.

Emergency crews transported all five occupants to McAllen Medical Center. An update regarding the current conditions of the rollover accident victims involved have not yet been released. At least one victim was ejected from the SUV when the vehicle overturned.

What Causes Tire Blowout Accidents?

Tire blowouts, especially those that occur on the rear tires of a vehicle, often result in a loss of driver control. In SUV’s and pickup trucks the risk of a rollover accident, as a result of a tire blowout increases because of the higher center of gravity in those types of vehicles.

In some instances, the victims of tire blowouts may blame themselves, wondering what they could have done differently to have prevented a tragic accident. But while drivers and vehicle owners search for answers regarding why a blowout may have occurred, some tire blowout accidents can actually be traced to inadequate tire recommendations made my auto manufacturers, in an effort to save money.

Tire for SUV’s and pickup trucks may require certain sizing, that may be different from what was actually outfitted on the vehicle by the auto maker, resulting in undue stress on the tires and, sometimes, subsequent tire blowout accidents.

Rollover Accident Ejection

Ejection from the vehicle is one of the most common causes of serious injury and death resulting from a rollover and can sometimes be tied to lack of seatbelt use, defective glass, and even defects in the seatbelts themselves.

Tire Blowout Attorneys in Texas

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