Rollover Car Accident on Loop 250 in Midland Injures Two

A rollover accident in Midland, Texas left at least two people injured after the driver of a pickup truck lost control of the vehicle, tripping over a guardrail before the vehicle overturned. In addition to the two occupants injured in the car accident in Midland, three other passengers were involved, police said.

Police identified the driver of the 2009 Chevrolet 3500 pickup truck as Blake Jones. Jones experienced serious injuries after he was ejected from the vehicle during the Midland rollover accident. The passenger, who was also injured, was identified by police as Nancy Marburgur. No age was released for Jones or Marburgur.

Both Jones and Marburgur were transported to Midland Memorial Hospital for treatment of the injuries they endured as a result of the single vehicle accident on Loop 250.

The other three passengers in the truck at the time of the crash did not require treatment, officials with the Midland Police Department said in a press release.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or killed in a rollover accident, there may have been vehicle flaws or defects that prevented auto equipment from performing as it should. Defective seatbelts, inadequate roof pillars, flawed glass or even bad air bags can prevent vehicle equipment from safeguarding occupants from the dangers involved in a rollover accident, leaving passengers and drivers vulnerable to ejection, partial ejection, head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries and even death.

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