Samsung permanently stops Galaxy Note 7 production

Samsung announced that it will halt production of its Galaxy Note 7 devices, after reports of the replacement devices it has deemed safe catching fire.

After more than a months-long controversy over the product’s defective and potentially harmful batteries, the South Korean based tech-giant has recalled all Note 7 devices.

The highly-anticipated device was originally released in late August, however it wasn’t very long before reports of the phone’s battery catching fire began to surface. Samsung issued a recall of the original device on September 2nd, and later that month began shipping out replacement Note 7s to the U.S.

Samsung received reports of at least five replacement devices catching fire over the past week.

Customers using any Note 7 (original or replacement units) are being urged by the company to power them down immediately and return them to wherever they were originally purchased. The devices can be exchanged for another handset from Samsung or other manufacturers.

Reports of the phones catching fire have been all over the news. A man in Kentucky said he woke up to a bedroom full of smoke from a replacement device. In a separate incident, a domestic flight in the U.S. was evacuated after a new device started emitting smoke in the cabin.

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