San Antonio Accident Kills Bicyclist

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 18-Jan-2012

A bicycle accident in San Antonio left a man dead Tuesday afternoon, when he was struck by a Honda sedan while pushing a child-sized bicycle across the highway.

The San Antonio resident, 54-year-old Jesse Ramirez was killed while crossing Old Highway 90. The driver of the Honda reportedly could not see Ramirez crossing because of the sun, which was setting at the time of the accident.

Ramirez was well known around his community near Southwest 38th Street. He died in the back of the ambulance that was going to transport him to a hospital.

Although the driver is not currently facing charges related to the bicycle accident in San Antonio, police are still investigating the accident and gathering information.

The glare of the sun in a driver’s eyes is believed to be a common cause of accidents. For drivers struggling to see while the sun is rising or setting in front of them, focus and the ability to see traffic, other vehicles, signals, lights, signage and pedestrians is greatly affected. Some experts recommend taking the following precautions to prevent glaring rays from affecting one’s ability to see and drive safely.

Maintain your windshield and ensure the glass is free of obstruction, smears and dirt.

Slow down. When the sun is particularly glaring, reducing your speed can be helpful in preventing accidents and improving your ability to stop.

If necessary, pull over or change your route to avoid the glare until the sun comes up fully or finishes setting.

Wear polarized sunglasses, which protect against the glare better than other types.

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