San Antonio School Bus Accident Leaves Students in Pain

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 8-Jan-2014

A school bus accident involving two Comal ISD school buses lead several students aboard the buses to seek medical treatment for neck and back pain, officials reported on Wednesday morning.

According to reports, one of the buses was unable to stop in time, due to slick roadways, sparking the rear-end collision that occurred on E. Borgfeld Road at approximately 8:00 a.m.

The driver of the second bus told officials they were unable to stop, prior to the Bexar County bus accident.

Although paramedics were on the scene to treat and check students complaining of pain and injuries, some parents arrived on the scene of the bus wreck to take their children directly to their own medical providers.

San Antonio Bus Accident Lawyers

Rainy and wet weather conditions make it even more important for drivers to allow for a great amount of time and space to stop adequately. Oil and grease that has accumulated on the roads can make it even more slippery for drivers and vehicles when the roads become increasingly wet.

In addition to taking special care during adverse weather conditions, commercial and bus drivers have a specific responsibility to drive in an attentive and responsible manner in order to protect passengers and surrounding drivers from the dangers associated with their much bigger vehicles.

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