School Bus Brakes Fail, Crashes into Home on Fort Sam Houston

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 30-Oct-2013

A school bus smashed into the side of a home in Texas last week after the bus driver reported that the bus lost its brakes, Fort Sam Houston officials said Friday. While children were aboard the bus at the time of the Texas school bus crash and only endured minor injuries, the accident prompted concern from parents and residents regarding the safety of school vehicles and public transportation alike.

Five people were injured in the bus crash, including a child who was in the home involved and two students on board. The bus driver and a teacher were also transported, along with the children, to an area hospital for the treatment of their injuries.

The bus was transporting students home from Fort Sam Houston Elementary School. The accident on Sam Houston occurred in the military housing, officials reported.

Failed brakes can be a serious issue for buses, commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles alike, putting surrounding drivers and occupants within the affected vehicle at risk for injuries and even death. Brake failure can stem from a multitude of factors and causes, including:

  • Poor brake design
  • Manufacturer brake defects
  • Negligence by mechanics or poor maintenance
  • Failure to maintain a commercial vehicle

Vehicles like buses, public transportation and commercial vehicles are governed by strict industry standards and laws that manage the maintenance and wear and tear places on vehicle equipment. Failure to up keep safety equipment can have detrimental repercussions for drivers and the occupants in surrounding vehicles. For answers regarding a bus or commercial accident that may have affected you or a loved one, call our brake failure attorneys for a free initial case evaluation regarding your potential claim. With experienced investigators and product liability attorneys, our firm has the resources and reach to help uncover answers to some of the questions tied to serious auto accidents where equipment has failed, while seeking fair compensation for injuries, lost work, pain and a transformation in one’s quality of life. We care. We can help.


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