Scott Crivelli helps wrongful death victim recover $550,000 settlement

The Carlson Law Firm personal injury lawyer, Scott Crivelli helps wrongful death victim recover $550,000 settlement.

Crivelli’s client was driving through multiple states on the highway when he was struck from behind by another driver. The client began to exit the highway when another driver crashed into his vehicle from behind, launching the truck several feet into a tree. The fault of the accident was in question until Crivelli disputed and proved his client was not at fault, making this case a complicated one.

“Sometimes cases aren’t always what they seem on their face. Too many attorneys are willing to turn cases away without looking into the facts because they aren’t interested in working on cases without a guaranteed return. We were the third firm this family came to before finding someone who would accept their case,” said Crivelli.

His client initially survived the horrific collision, and had to be pried out of the vehicle. He was then air evacuated to the nearest hospital where he stayed for a week to treat severe injuries including brain bleeds and rib fractures. A short week later, he died from his injuries.

“Because of our size, experience and resources we were able to fund an expert investigation into the facts and obtain a sizeable settlement in a case which was initially deemed to be the fault of the deceased,” said Crivelli.

The Carlson Law Firm was grateful to help a family in so much need. An unexpected loss of a loved one due to another’s actions deserves justice and support. If you or someone you know was injured or died in a car crash someone else was reliable for, contact a personal injury attorney. The Carlson Law Firm is here to help.


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