Second Teen, in South Austin Pedestrian Accident, Dies

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 3-Jan-2012

The second teen, who was injured in a pedestrian accident in Austin last week, has died, said officials with the Travis County Medical Examiner.

Melodie Anastazia Hewitt, 16, died early on Saturday as a result of injuries she experienced from the pedestrian accident in Austin. Earlier last week, 17-year-old Joshua Ian Milton, who was also a victim of the pedestrian crash, also died as a result of his injuries.

The deaths of the high school students has provoked unrest among family, friends and community members regarding the safety of the road and cross walk where the teens were killed.

Protests will ensue in order to highlight the dangerous crosswalk zone and draw attention to a safer solution for pedestrians using the crosswalk, which is near a school.

Despite time slots for schools zone speeds that are meant to slow drivers during hours where children and teens are present, drivers should take care to stay alert and travel at a speed which allows sudden stops. Teens and kids are common victims of pedestrian accidents, encompassing a majority of cases, injuries and deaths that occur as a result of such crashes.

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