Sherman Drunk Driving Accident Kills Woman

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 5-Dec-2011

A drunk driving accident in Sherman, Texas killed one woman Friday morning after an intoxicated man drove the wrong direction down Highway 75.

The Jeep, driven by Jerrod Eubanks, smashed into a vehicle driving southbound down the highway after he entered the roadway going the wrong way, authorities said.

Tragically, 57-year-old Amparao Ortiz, a resident of Mesquite, Texas, was killed in the accident.

Eubank’s brother, Timothy Eubanks, was a passenger in the vehicle. He was most recently listed in critical condition from injuries resulting from the drunk driving accident. A third passenger was also listed in critical condition after being transferred to Plano Hospital.

After veering to miss the accident, a semi-truck traveling down the highway spilled a load of sheet metal into the roadway.

According to police, Eubanks has been convicted of four DWI charges in different states, prior to the accident that killed Ortiz.

The accident is still being investigated by authorities, although Jerrod Eubanks is currently in Grayson County Jail on three charges of Intoxicated Assault and a murder charge.


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