Single Vehicle Rollover Car Accident Near Bangs Injures Driver

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 23-Jul-2012

A single vehicle rollover accident on FM 585 near Hwy 67 sent one man to the hospital via helicopter on Sunday morning, officials said.

Although the man has not yet been identified by authorities, police revealed that it was the driver of the vehicle, who was ejected and experienced serious injuries.

The single vehicle rollover occurred around 9:00 a.m., when the driver lost control of the car and may have overcorrected, police said.

Authorities did not reveal whether any other victims were involved in the rollover accident. Initial reports noted other passengers may have been trapped in the vehicle but no other victims were found or revealed.

The man was only identified at a 36-year-old male, who endured head injuries as a result of the crash.

Rollover accidents can often cause drivers, passengers and the loved ones of those killed or injured in such a crash to question what they may have done differently to have prevented such a tragic result. But despite the danger associated with a rollover accident, auto manufacturers have the data, knowledge and technology necessary to prevent some of the injuries that occur as a result. Pillars in the roof of a vehicle are designed to reinforce the roof, protecting the space between the head and roof even as the car, truck or SUV overturns. In addition, seatbelts, airbags and glass used in the windows of the vehicle should, when operating properly, keep occupants inside the car and prevent ejection and partial ejection.

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