Six U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 18-Dec-2013

A helicopter crash in Afghanistan claimed the lives of 6 U.S. soldiers on Tuesday when officials said the Blackhawk helicopter dropped while flying tandemly with another helicopter.

Following the crash, officials told NBC News that the seven soldiers aboard the helicopter came under enemy gunfire. One of the soldiers survived, military officials reported. Authorities are still looking to uncover whether the soldiers were killed from the Afghanistan helicopter itself of the enemy gunfire following the wreck.

The crash is being tied to a mechanical failure, according to a report published by CNN. Officials are unsure whether to NATO International Security Assiatnce Force members were killed as a result of the mortar fire that followed.

The victims of the Afghanistan helicopter accident were identified by the Pentagon as:

The Pentagon identified the soldiers Wednesday as:

  • Chief Warrant Officer 2 Randy L. Billings, 34, of Heavener, Okla.
  • Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joshua B. Silverman, 35, of Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • Sgt. Peter C. Bohler, 29, of Willow Spring, N.C.
  • Sgt. 1st Class Omar W. Forde, 28, of Marietta, Ga.
  • Spc. Terry K.D. Gordon, 22, of Shubuta, Miss.
  • Staff Sgt. Jesse L. Williams, 30, of Elkhart, Ind.

Military Helicopter Crash Attorneys

Helicopter crashes have plagued Afghanistan, affecting countless U.S. troops. But while many instances can be tied to enemy fire and war time situations, some accidents have been linked to mechanical failures that may have been prevented with proper maintenance by contracting companies managing equipment for military operations.

At The Carlson Law Firm, we’ve helped countless families of military members who’ve been killed in helicopter crashes overseas, hold military contracting companies responsible for mistakes and negligence leading to such crashes, injuries resulting and, sometimes, loss.

If you’ve lost a loved one because of a helicopter mechanical failure, call our military accident attorneys in Fort Hood, Killeen and San Antonio, helping military members across the nation and around the world. With more than 6 former JAG Officers and a staff familiar with the specific difficulties and hardships our military members and their families face, we have resources and comprehension of military-specific accidents and incidents that helps our clients unveil answers to some of the difficult questions surrounding their loved ones’ accidents that allow us to help them move forward and while potentially preventing similar situations from hurting others in the future. Don’t wait. Call today for a free initial consultation. We care. We can help.


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