Speeding 18 Wheeler Truck Sparks Seven Car Pile Up in Louisiana

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 13-Dec-2011

A speeding 18 wheeler truck, loaded with pipes, sparked a seven car pile-up in Louisiana Tuesday morning, resulting in several injuries of drivers sharing Interstate 12.

The 18 wheeler truck accident in Louisiana occurred at around 6 a.m. According to officials, the driver of the semi-truck was traveling through the construction zone on I-12 at a high rate of speed, when it lost control, crashing into the concrete barricade.

Upon crash impact, the pipes loaded onto the 18 wheeler truck spilled onto the interstate. As a result of the crash and the spilled cargo, seven cars piled up with six different people enduring injuries. Most of the injuries were reportedly minor and non-life threatening, authorities noted.

The identities of those injured and involved have not been released, although the driver of the truck was cited for the accident.

In 2008, in Texas alone, there were almost 140 traffic fatalities that occurred in construction zones. The dangers associated with traveling through construction zones requires extra attention from passenger vehicles. But while drivers must take extra care to protect construction workers and vehicle occupants alike, the sheer size of trucks and the lengthy distance it requires to fully stop makes it imperative that truck drivers adhere to speed guidelines.


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