Spendora Police Officer Injured in 18 Wheeler Accident

A Splendora police officer was seriously injured Sunday, when he was involved in a Texas 18 wheeler accidentwhile attempting to assist other officers with a shooting situation, officials said.

The police officer, identified as 28-year-old Ryan Simpson, was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, where he endured surgery for injuries he experienced as a result of the Splendora 18 wheeler accident.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety officials, Simpson was traveling on FM 1485 when he was cut off by the 18 wheeler, causing his vehicle to collide with the big rig, sliding beneath and completely crushing to front of his vehicle.

Simpson was airlifted to the hospital.

Police said no citations have been issued following the semi-truck accident, although investigations are still underway.

Regulations in most states require trucks to be outfitted with under carriage guards that protect the occupants of smaller passenger cars from the crushing blow that occurs if the vehicle slides beneath the larger truck.

The height of a smaller vehicle often causes the truck to impact it at the windshield or roof region of the car, where occupants are extremely susceptible for enduring serious, life-threatening injuries.

While many trucks are properly outfitted with these guards, some do not actually meet the standards established for trucking companies, drivers and machinery. Additionally, reckless or negligent driving can also increase the risk of such an accident, should the truck jackknife, colliding with surrounding vehicles.

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