State Senator Fined For Fatal Texas Car Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 10-Oct-2011

A fatal Texas car accident last year involving a Colorado Senator has reached a resolution in court, officials said.

The day after Christmas, last year, State Senator Suzanne Williams was involved in a deadly crash that killed 30-year-old Brianna Gomez, who was pregnant.

Although the injuries sustained by Gomez proved fatal, an emergency c-section saved her baby. Her husband and other children, who were passengers in the vehicle, were not seriously injured.

Williams and her passengers did not sustain serious injuries, despite the absence of seatbelts on some of them. Her three-year-old grandson was actually ejected from the car, but was found and put back into his car seat, investigators said.

A year later, Williams has been order to pay a $200 fine and $68 in court fees for driving on the wrong side of the road, which resulted in the deadly car accident.

When Williams was asked about her role in the vehicle crash that killed Gomez, she stated that she could not remember any of the incident details.

While a grand jury did not agree, Texas investigators had originally wanted to charge the Senator with criminally negligent homicide.

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