Steps You Should Take After An Oil Field Accident or Injury

When you think about the most dangerous professions in America, oil field workers always come to mind, and it’s true. Each year in the United States, 4,000 oil field workers are injured, and about 100 are killed as a result of on-the-job injuries, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

If you are one of the thousands who’ve been injured, and you’re wondering what your next steps should be, don’t worry, you have options after sustaining an injury working on an oil field.

You’ve been hurt and are left wondering, “If I can’t work, how am I going to get paid?”

Compensation available to injured workers for their losses will help those in need of financial assistance after a catastrophic incident. Oil rig workers may be entitled to restitution when their injuries occurred as result of negligent third parties.

Common causes of oil field injuries

There is a wide range of reasons why injuries occur on the oil field. Unfortunately, negligence by supervisors is a primary reason many workers are injured.  Examples include:

Improperly trained workers

Improperly maintained equipment

Lack of communication among employees and supervisors

Failure to discontinue use of damaged machinery

Refusal to comply with safety regulations

Slippery surfaces, trips, and falls

Improper storage of combustible substances and chemicals

Despite being as cautious as possible, accidents can also occur when least expected. Oilfield incidents may result in catastrophic injuries including burns, amputations, and brain injuries.

Sadly, these injuries are often life-long.

What to do after an oil field accident occurs

If an accident does occur on the oil field, workers should act as quick as possible. Follow these steps below:

1. Notify a supervisor of what has happened. Make sure to report what happened in detail and state everything that hurts, even if you think the pain will go away on its Failure to report an accident could potentially affect your ability to recover fair compensation for your injuries. It is recommended to report the incident in writing so there will not be a dispute of what was said and when it was said.

2. Seek qualified medical attention as soon as possible to ensure your injuries are treated and documented. Ignoring your injuries even for a short period can lead to long-term health consequences. If your injuries do not require immediate medical attention, schedule an appointment with your doctor right away. Follow your doctor’s instructions for your recovery.

3. The employee that has been injured should begin documenting everything. Take photographs of the incident location from different angles. Take pictures of your injuries also.

4. If there was anyone present when the accident happened, make sure to document their names and contact information. Write down what they state they saw.

5. Consult an attorney. These matters are highly complex and may become overwhelming, so it is imperative that you contact an attorney with experience in handling oil field injuries. The law firm should be familiar with how to litigate against large corporate defendants and have the resources to do so.

How The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

The Carlson Law Firm has years of experience in numerous oilfield accident cases. We will use our specialized knowledge to fight for you to get you the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured in an oil field accident, contact an oil field accident lawyer at the Carlson Law Firm to discuss your legal options.

We are available to speak with you 24/7. Contact us today for a free consultation.



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