Sulphur Springs City Employee Killed in Texas Workplace Accident

A long-time Sulphur Springs employee was killed in a workplace accident Wednesday when he drowned while servicing a manhole in East Texas, officials said.

The employee was identified by authorities as 42-year-old Francisco “Frankie” Melendez. Melendez had worked for the city for more than 14 years, the company said.

According to Sulphur Springs City Manager, Marc Maxwell, Melendez was attempting to remove a plug that was tying up the flow of a stream at Coleman Park.

The manhole filled with water as Melendez became stuck in the space and he was killed in the drowning accident.

As many as 337 million workplace accidents take place every year, resulting in more than 2.3 million deaths, according to the International Labor Organization.

Americans often spend more time at their place of employment than any other place, making on-the-job training, knowledge of craft and proper safety equipment a vital aspect of protecting employees and workers.

No matter how experienced an employee is or how long they have been working in a particular position, employers are responsible for offering updated equipment as technology improves and new hazards are released. In addition, new procedures and methods of performing a job may transform as new information and data becomes available.

Staying informed and knowledgeable about new methods of keeping employees safe on-the-job is imperative. And while new practices and procedures may emerge, making sure other, newer employees are properly trained to react to emergency situations, should they occur in a workplace accident, is important to keeping entire crews and groups of employees safe from potential injuries and death.

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