Tanker Truck Accident in Austin Leaves One Dead, Two Injured

A truck accident on Texas 130 left one person dead and two more seriously injured late Tuesday night, Travis County officials said.

Authorities reported that it was the driver of the tanker truck that was killed when his big rig collided with a smaller passenger vehicle on Texas 130 near Maha Loop. The driver was identified as Dedrick Brooks, 41, of San Antonio.

A mother and son were occupants of the car that was struck by the tanker truck. Both were transported to University Medical Center Brackenridge with, what emergency crews described as, “serious Injuries.” The driver of the passenger vehicle was identified as Hernan Garcia-Segura, 24. The passenger, Alicia Garcia-Segura, 62, was also transported to the hospital with injuries resulting from the crash.

Police said Hernan Garcia-Segura is being charged with criminal negligent homicide and aggravated assault in connection wih the accident that killed the tanker truck’s driver in the truck accident on Texas 130.

In addition to injuries and the fatality, crews dealt with spilled gasoline and damaged roadways that resulted from the big rig crash in Austin. Emergency crews closed the roadways down in order to address the spilled gasoline. Environmental officials were also working on the scene of the truck accident in Travis County.

Department of Public Safety Officials said their investigation revealed that the driver of the passenger vehicle, a BMW, ran a stop sign, sparking the collision with the 18 wheeler truck.

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