Teen Injured in League City SUV Rollover Crash

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 14-Nov-2011

League City, Texas rollover accident resulted in the serious head injuries of a teenage girl, who was transported to a Houston hospital, Saturday.

17-year-old Desirae Culpepper of Seabrook, Texas lost control of her Ford Escape SUV while traveling north on highway 3, officials said.

According to police on the scene, the teen was suspected of traveling at a high rate of speed when the SUV rollover accident occurred.

The SUV was tripped up on a wall after it left the highway, causing it to flip, traveling as much as 75 feet before coming to a stop, League City police believe.

No other passengers were in the vehicle and no other cars were involved.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Desirae Culpepper and her loved ones.

Ford SUV’s have had a notorious history of instability and are one of the more common types of vehicles involved in single-vehicle rollover accidents. Tread separation in defective firestone tires combined with imbalanced design of Ford SUV’s has been a dangerous recipe that has sparked numerous lawsuits against the auto maker. Some of the recalls surrounding the Ford Escape SUV have included:

  • Defective seatbelt covers, that prevent proper latching
  • Faulty steering control
  • Loss of stability caused by incorrect hubs
  • Fire hazard caused by deficient O-rings

While rollovers often involve SUV’s that become tripped up, causing them to flip, the roofs of cars, SUV’s and trucks should be strong enough to withstand pressure resulting from impact. Instead, head injuries, neck injuries, spinal injuries, brain injuries and back injuries are commonplace among vehicles that endure serious roof crush damage during rollovers. In contrast to protecting the head space of vehicle occupants, the roof of a car, truck or SUV can actually pose danger to drivers and passengers.

Defective roof pilars, inadequate glass and faulty seatbelts can all pose serious threat to vehicle occupants, provoking ejection or serious roof crush injuries.


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