Temple’s dangerous I-35 work zone: bad drivers or bad roads?

Many people in the area are aware of the “dangerous work zone” between Robinson and Temple on I-35. It seems the area has been under construction for years. With the shoulders lined with construction barriers and very few exits, many crashes have happened there that question the safety of the construction zone. While some blame the road, others blame the drivers.

On Sunday, an accident occurred in this area involving 18 vehicles, including a charter bus and an 18-wheeler, according to Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper D.L. Wilson. All injuries were minor and traffic was backed up for four to five hours with approximately 40 to 45 minute delays.

Bruceville-Eddy Police Cpl. William Stogner said because few exits are open between mile markers 319 and 325, drivers are trapped in the lanes with no way to avoid accidents when they happen. With no shoulder, there is nowhere for a vehicle to go but forward.

Another accident happened afterward involving 14 vehicles on the northbound side near mile marker 323. Wilson believes it is the drivers, not the road. He said drivers “follow too closely, are distracted or are driving too fast.” This could also be the case, as there is talk of distracted driving becoming a new epidemic.

All roads must meet federal requirements. This includes construction areas as well, and this stretch of I-35 currently meets those requirements.

Although the road meets these requirements, there still seem to be many crashes. If you were injured in one of these crashes or one similar,contact our Texas personal injury lawyers at The Carlson Law Firm. You could be compensated for your injuries or losses.


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