Texas 18 Wheeler Accident on Hwy 54 Kills Couple

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 6-Jun-2013

A Texas motorcycle accident involving an 18 wheeler truck left a couple dead on Hwy 54 on Wednesday, officials said.

Police identified the couple as 67-year-old Alfonso Studesville and his wife, 68-year-old Janet Studesville. Both Mr. and Mrs. Studesville were pronounced dead at the scene of the Texas 18 wheeler accident.

The Studesville’s were also identified as the parents of NFL Denver Broncos Running Back Coach, Eric Studesville.

According to the police report associated with the fatal accident on Hwy 54, the driver of the 18 wheeler veered into the opposite lane of traffic, where the couple was traveling on the motorcycle. Police are still investigating the wreck in an effort to reveal what may have caused the driver of the semi truck to veer. The driver of the truck was identified as Anthony Dewayne Buck. He was not injured in the collision.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of the Studesville’s.

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating because of the lack of protection offered to riders, even when they’re wearing helmets and protective gear. Motorcycle accidents involving commercial vehicles and big rigs are often fatal because of vulnerability of motorcyclists and the massive size difference between vehicles.

Accidents involving commercial vehicles can be much more complex than other types of auto accidents because of the multiple parties that may be liable for the negligence sparking such a wreck. The company that owns the truck, the company that owns the trailer, the driver, the maintenance company and those responsible for hiring and training may all be possible parties playing a role in a collision involving a big rig. As a result of the complications and number of possible parties responsible, seeking the aid of an experienced truck accident law firm is vital to not only seeking fair compensation but holding companies and drivers responsible for negligence leading to a crash.

Our 18 wheeler accident attorneys in San Antonio, Austin and Temple are backed by the expertise of private investigators, available to immediately begin gathering and documenting evidence that might otherwise be lost. For a free initial consultation regarding your possible truck accident lawsuit, call 800-359-5690 or visit any of the 10 office locations for our semi truck law firm in Texas. We care. We can help.


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