Texas Commercial Truck Crash Results in Volunteer Firefighter Injury

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 28-Nov-2011

A volunteer firefighter lost her arm in an accident sparked by commercial truck wreck in Texas last Thursday, Department of public safety officials said.

According to police, the driver of the semi-truck tanker, filled with crude oil, may have fallen asleep while driving the big rig, causing it to veer off the road and erupt into a fiery blaze. The accident caused almost 6,700 gallons of the oil to spill onto the highway, provoking officials to shut the roadway down.

Multiple accidents occurred after the initial 18 wheeler crash.

While assisting at the scene of the accident, volunteer firefighter, Kimberly Huckabee lost her arm when she was hit by another 18 wheeler at the scene, Hardin County emergency officials said. The driver of that truck was issued a citation for not backing safely. Huckabee suffered traumatic injury to the left side of her body, causing doctors to amputate her arm above the elbow.

The driver of the 18 wheeler truck that caused the accident was also transported to the hospital and has been listed in stable condition.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Huckabee. Community Bank is accepting contributions to a fund established to benefit Kimberly Huckabee, according to The Beaumont Enterprise.

Sleepiness while on the job is an issue that has plagued countless 18 wheeler truck drivers, as they log long hours behind the wheel. In fact, truck driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of commercial truck accidents in Texas and across the nation. Although requirements and regulations attempt to monitor the hours truck drivers spend behind the wheel, in an effort to combat 18 commercial truck crashes causes by sleepiness, such accidents continue to be a problem among the industry and along interstates and highways.

Despite the dangers associated with falling asleep at the wheel, dangerous road conditions can also arise from the slowed reactions times accompany grogginess and fatigue of commercial truck drivers. According to a study completed by National Central University in Jhongli, Tatung University, Taiwan, a mere 80 minutes of straight driving, without a break, can result in an increase in the dangers tied to slowed reaction.

According to a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) study, almost 52 percent of single-vehicle accidents that involved large trucks were tied to fatigue and sleepiness, with some drivers admitting to actually feeling asleep at the wheel while operating big rigs.

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