Texas Family Identified in Colorado Small Plane Crash

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 20-Feb-2012

Two people were killed in a small plane crash in Colorado, police said. As police revealed the identities of injured parties and fatalities, they also noted the family is from the Corpus Christi, Texas area. Four family members were injured in the Colorado plane crash.

Authorities identified Gabbi Humpal, 44, and Hans Vendervlugt, 75 and the two fatalities involved in the Colorado plane crash. Vendervlugt was identified as the pilot of the small plane.

Humpal’s daughter was transported via air to a Denver hospital for the treatment of injuries she endured in the plane crash.

Additionally, Humpal’s husband, Scott Humpal, 47 and sons, Tad Humpal, 18 and Dillon Humpall, 13, were also injured in the accident. Officials said they may have endured broken bones as a result of the plane crash.

Although authorities are tying weather conditions to the plane crash in Colorado, they are also looking into the mechanics of the twin engine Cessna 414A and investigations are still underway.

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