Texas High School Athelete Dies in Car Accident

A Texas high school and a family are mourning the loss of an 18-year-old soccer player, who died Saturday in a tragic car accident in Alvord, Texas, police said.

Officials identified the teen killed in the car accident as Joshua Hernandez. His twin brother, Jesse Hernandez, was transported to John Peter Smith hospital for injuries he endured in the single vehicle crash.

No other vehicles were reportedly involved in the crash and police believe Joshua may have lost control of the car while traveling back from a soccer game the twins were participating in.

The Texas car accident is still under investigation.

Single vehicle car accidents are sometimes caused by loss of control and overcorrection. When a vehicle drifts of distraction occurs, a driver may attempt to correct the loss of control by swiftly jerking the wheel or correcting the vehicle, which can sometimes cause a car, truck or SUV to become tripped up or imbalanced.

An imbalanced or tripped up vehicle can pose a particular risk for a rollover accident, where occupants can face serious injury should vehicle safety equipment or products fail to protect them from the impact of a rollover.

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