Texas Man Sues Ambulance Cot Maker After Rollover Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 4-Oct-2011

After being seriously injured during an ambulance rollover, a Texas man is filing suit against Stryker Sales Corp., the company that manufactures the ambulance cot he was strapped to as he was transported to the hospital.

Rick Wayne Fagg was strapped to the cot when the ambulance he rode in was struck by another vehicle, causing it to rollover and resulting in the detachment of the cot. Secured to the Stryker Power-Pro XT 6500 model ambulance cot, the four point harness was not enough to protect Fagg as the cot itself became unattached, leaving him seriously injured.

Without a backup locking mechanism, Fagg claims the ambulance cot was defective and is seeking damages for his injuries.

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