Texas Marriage Sparks Controversy and Annulment Trial

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 10-Nov-2011

The marriage between an 87-year-old man and his 58-year-old caretaker has sparked controversy as well as court hearings, as the man’s finances, will and household began to transform immediately after vows were exchanged.

According to reports, Jewell Hall, hired Marjorie Messer as a live in caretaker after she was recommended by her sister. Months later the pair was married in Kendall County. Mere days later, thousands of dollars were withdrawn from Hall’s bank accounts.

In addition to withdrawn money, Hall’s will was changed, disinheriting his children and leaving everything to his new bride. He was also admitted to a nursing home, reports said.

Senior welfare officials were soon notified about the startling changes occurring to Hall’s finances, medical care and family relationships.

Texas Adult Protective Services were soon notified about the various transformations and transactions occurring within the Hall household, including the appearance of moving trucks, where his belongs were seen loaded into the back. A Bexar County Probate Judge also became involved soon after. Psychiatric and medical evaluations later revealed Hall was suffering from severe dementia.

A trial will be held in the upcoming weeks to annul the marriage between Hall and Messer, in contrast to a Texas divorce, since Hall is believed to have been suffering from dementia at the time the wedlock occurred. Such an annulment would make the marriage null and void. Those lacking mental capacity to consent to a marriage because of mental illness or condition can receive an annulment.


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