Texas Military Divorces Can Be Particularly Difficult, Study Says

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 17-Nov-2011

While any marriage can be overwhelmed by the stresses of day-to-day life, the marriage of military members can be consumed, specifically, by the hardship of war, causing lengthy separation. In addition to long periods of time spent away from one another during training and deployments, military marriages sometimes have the added stress of emotional, mental and physical struggles associated with war time situations, sometimes resulting in military divorce.

While military marriages may face unique struggles, Texas military divorcees also faces unique situations that make the help of a military familiar attorney extremely important.

Some of the issues that can be tricky in military divorce situations can include:

  • Residence of spouses and military members in relation to where divorce filings will or should occur
  • Child custody in association with residency
  • Fault of the dissemination of the marriage and military divorce
  • Military divorce marital property
  • Separation periods required in specific locations
  • Alimony and whether or not it will be awarded to a military spouse

The diverse factors and specific situations military members and their spouses deal with during a military divorce can make situations seem even more stressful and can affect the length of divorce filings and proceedings. Deployments can even sometimes provide service men and women with an opportunity to have a divorce proceeding stayed for the duration of the deployment and a period following his or her redeployment.

With struggles that are specific to your situation as a military member or the Army spouse, seeking the aid of a Texas military divorce lawyer can provide the support and advocacy necessary to endure the hardships associated with marital separation and Army divorce proceedings.

If you or someone you know is enduring the struggle of an Army divorce or are in the process of planning a military divorce, call our experiencedmilitary divorce lawyers in Killeen, San Antonio, Austin and statewide Texas, contact us online or visit one of our 11 law office locations for a free consultation today. Our experienced attorneys, professional consultants and caring staff will help you through the difficult time in your life while walking you through the specific factors associated with being a military member or spouse. We care. We can help.


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