Texas Plane Crash Kills Three Family Members Near Ranger

A crash involving a small plane near Ranger, Texas claimed the lives of three family members on Saturday.

According to officials, the plane plummeted at around midnight on Saturday, killing three people. The victims of the Texas plane crash were identified as John Weaver, of Plano, his wife, Debra Weaver and their daughter Courtney Weaver.

Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board are still investigating the cause of the small plane crash in Central Texas.

While there are an array of factors linked to small plane crashes, some of the problems associated can e linked to aircraft malfunctions or pilot error. While inexperienced flying may be linked to some plane wrecks, others may be caused by defects in the plane itself or inadequate maintenance.

In some situations, family members and loved ones may be left wondering what caused a crash, what might have prevented a plane crash or what could have been differently in order to save their loved one.

Aircraft Maintenance

Proper maintenance of small planes is vital to protecting both pilots and passengers aboard a plane. Without proper attention and procedures, when performing work on small planes, pilots may be left with problems that are discovered much too late.

Pilot Experience

The experience and training of pilots is equally imperative to the safety of all passengers and fliers. In addition, a pilot’s training can be important for protecting other fliers and even those on the ground at airports and landing grounds. Standards governing the number of training hours, resting periods and additional training required are in place for specific reasons: to protect pilots and passengers alike.

If you have lost a loved one in a plane crash, gathering evidence and data can be an important part of discovering the truth surrounding a plane accident while holding negligent parties responsible for injuries and loss. For a free initial consultation regarding your potential plane crash lawsuit, call our plane accident lawyers in Texas, serving clients from ten locations across the state. We care. We can help.


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