Texas Rollover Accident on FM 1212 & FM 829 Kills One, Injures One

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 13-Nov-2012

A rollover accident in Martin County on Monday morning claimed the life of a 19-year-old driver and left the vehicle’s 21-year-old passenger seriously injured officials said.

Police identified the young woman as Brittaney Fields. The passenger, who was injured, was identified by police as John Dutra. Dutra was transported to Midland Memorial Hospital for the treatment of his injuries.

The rollover crash occurred on FM 829 and FM 1212, outside of Stanton.

Police are still investigating the single vehicle wreck near Stanton.

While rollover accidents can occur more frequently among pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, automobiles are designed to protect drivers and passengers from serious injuries that can potentially occur. The roof pillars, air bags, seatbelts and even the type of glass used in a vehicle can all play an important role in safeguarding occupants from head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries and injuries to the spine.

In some situations, a defective auto product may have left occupants vulnerable to the injuries they’ve endured. But despite the role of bad seat belts, inadequate roof pillars and ineffective air bags, some accident victims and the family members of those killed in tragic rollover accidents may be left wondering what they could have done differently.

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