Texas Rollover Accident on Hwy 59 Injures Three

A rollover accident on Hwy 59left three women injured on Tuesday night when the driver of the SUV they were riding in overcorrected, causing the vehicle to overturn, officials said.

Police identified the driver of the Mercury SUV as 44-year-old Betty Phillips, a resident of Lufkin.

A passenger in the backseat of the vehicle, 46-year-old Sheila Moreno, a resident of Diboll, was ejected from the side window of the SUV. Police identified the third occupant of the vehicle as 30-year-old Yolanda Pinkins, a resident of Lufkin. Pinkins is pregnant.

According to reports released by the police, Phillips was attempted to change lanes and may have had a blind spot. The driver of a vehicle she almost struck honked her horn and Phillips overcorrected her SUV, causing it to roll into a grassy median nearby.

All three women were transported to Memorial Medical Center in Lufkin, emergency personnel noted.

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