Texas Truck Accident With Train Leaves Engineer Injured

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 12-Sep-2011

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A train engineer was injured Saturday when it collided with an 18 wheeler truck stuck on the tracks in its path, Brazos County officials said. The driver of the truck was able to move out of harm’s way before the train crashed into the Boyd Ready Mix flat bed.

“He bottomed out, couldn’t make it across, couldn’t move forward or back at all. He called his boss and within a minute or two a train was already coming so he was able to exit the vehicle and run for safety,” Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper, Kevin Smith said.

The Union Pacific train was moving at 36 miles an hour, carrying 116 cars filled with coal, authorities said. The locomotive was not derailed.

The train’s engineer was thrown around inside of the train, which sustained major engine damage in the collision. Smith notes that the engineer probably endured spinal or head injuries as a result.

Authorities do not think the truck driver was trying to beat the train and all lights, signals and gates were functioning correctly.

Although the driver of the truck escaped the accident without injury, the 18 wheeler was broken in half and the backhoe it carried was destroyed, Trooper Smith said.

The name of the injured train engineer has not yet been released.

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