Texas Women Killed in Colorado Truck Accident While Changing Tire

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 16-Jul-2012

A truck accident in Colorado on Saturday claimed the lives of two Texas women, when the 16-year-old driver of the big rig struck the pair while they were changing a tire on their vehicle, officials said.

Police identified the women as 38-year-old Amanda Omo-Iyamu, a resident of of Balch Springs, Texas, and her Aunt, 48-year-old Shun Jones, a resident of Carrollton, Texas.

Authorities later discovered that a 16-year-old was driving the 18 wheeler truck at the time of the fatal accident in Colorado.

Police identified the young driver as Tristan Martin, a resident of Sulphur, Louisiana. The boy’s father, 37-year-old Michel Martin, initially told officials he had been driving at the time of the truck accident. Authorities later learned that the 16-year-old, who had left the scene in the vehicle of a friend following the truck, was the driver of the 18 wheeler at the time of the fatal accident.

Police said Tristan Martin is being charged with two felony counts of failing to remain at the scene of an accident and two misdemeanor counts of careless driving that caused a death.

In addition authorities have said Michel Martin will be charged with filing a false police report for lying about who was driving at the time of the Colorado truck accident.

Officials are still investigating the deaths of the two Texas women amidst claims by some of the Martin family that the boy did not need a special commercial driver’s license to operate the big rig since it was being used as a personal vehicle.

According to the Martin family, the truck was pulling a trailer with horses after leaving a rodeo. Tristan and Michel Martin were, reportedly, on their way to Wyoming.

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