The Importance of Accident Scene Evidence in Motor Vehicle Crashes

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 27-Nov-2010

After a motor vehicle crash occurs, the accident scene can be a chaotic and tragic place. When things have calmed down, and it is time to submit claims to an insurance company or seek compensation through a personal injury suit, there is one factor that can help establish an injured person’s case quickly and sometimes beyond a doubt. If properly preserved, evidence from the accident scene can show that a particular driver was negligent and caused the crash, proving he or she is liable for the resulting injuries or damages.

Accident Scene Investigation and Evidence

Every motor vehicle accident scene should be investigated. Drivers involved in the crash sometimes do this informally, but police officers and investigators can provide further evidence for insurance claim or trial purposes. Accident scene evidence can help to show whether any traffic laws were violated by a driver, if there were any road defects or design flaws, and other factors that point to who was at fault for a car or truck crash.

Accident reports filed by police are often used as evidence in insurance claim or personal injury cases. These reports can indicate, visually or in writing, evidence like skid marks, tire tracks, weather issues, damage to surrounding structures and vehicles, and injuries to drivers and passengers. Other evidence like diagrams that map an accident scene, measurements indicating stopping distances and road conditions, and visual evidence like photos or videos often provide compelling proof about a driver’s part in a crash.

In specific types of car crashes it can be easier to prove a driver’s negligence and corresponding liability. Rear-end collisions are typically the fault of the driver who struck another vehicle from behind because they indicate unsafe or inattentive driving practices. Because cars traveling straight through an intersection have the right of way, a driver taking the left turn is often found to be negligent when they hit an oncoming vehicle. Even in these types of accidents, however, accident scene evidence may be used to provide further proof of the chain of events leading up to the accident.

Properly preserving accident scene evidence is crucial. Such evidence may be the deciding factor in receiving the proper compensation from an insurance company or winning a personal injury lawsuit.

Attorneys and Investigators Work Together

Lawyers often work in conjunction with accident investigators to more fully understand how clients’ motor vehicle accidents occurred. This helps attorneys put together the best case possible in order to obtain the maximum compensation for their clients.

If you or a loved one have recently been injured in a traffic accident it is valuable to meet with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can help ensure accident evidence is properly preserved and crashes are fully investigated.


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