Three days this summer you are more likely to get into an accident

The heat is back, and summer is officially in session. Along with all the pool party and traveling fun, comes deadly driving conditions. Holidays, traveling and teen drivers add to the dangerous mix of summer roads. Here are the three most dangerous days to drive this summer.

Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday and Monday)

Drunk drivers, traffic and fatigue is a recipe for disaster when you’re on the road. It also happens to be the result of a fun three-day weekend. Due to the extra day off, people tend to drive further, drink more and stay in the sun all day. This causes some to be drunk, hung over or overly tired.

AAA expected 33 million drivers to be on the road on the three day weekend this year.

Fourth of July

This holiday is the consistently the deadliest day of the year on the roads in America according to the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Between 2008 and 2012, the IIHS found there was an average of 127 deaths each Independence Day.

This is also due to the same factors for Memorial Day.

Heat Waves throughout the summer

It may sound strange at first, but high temperatures can cause car crashes. When pavements get hot, so do tires, and these burning tires tend to blowout. Blowouts can even make some vehicles flip when going high speeds. Heat also contributes to dehydration and drowsiness. Both can cause difficulty concentrating, bad judgment and confusion.

When enjoying this year’s summer, protect yourself and your family. Be sure you are in the best condition to drive before getting behind the wheel and be conscious of other drivers.


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