Three Killed in South Texas Collision with 18 Wheeler Truck on Hwy 44

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 28-Jan-2014

An 18 wheeler accident near Laredo claimed the life of three men when their vehicle slammed into a parked semi-truck, which appeared to have been pulled over for repairs on State Hwy 44. One more occupant in the passenger vehicle experienced critical injuries as a result of the rear-end collision with the big rig.

Police identified the driver, who was hospitalized with critical injuries, as Alice resident, David Trevino, 24.

The passengers in the vehicle, who were all killed in the fatal wreck, were identified as San Diego residents, Ricardo Rene Tanguma, 39, and Andres Hinojosa Jr., 24. The third victim of the fatal 18 wheeler accident in South Texas was identified as Alice resident Adrian Trevino, 32.

Police are still investigating the details surrounding the accident and what may have caused Trevino to rear-end the parked semi-truck.

South Texas Truck Accident Lawyers in San Antonio

When vehicles are pulled to the side of the road, no matter what the size, they can quickly become a hazard to other drivers operating on nearby highways and interstates if proper care is not exercised. Signage, flares, hazard triangles and pulling to side in a proper manner are all important parts of notifying oncoming drivers of the existence of a vehicle pulled over. In addition, since some roadways may not have adequate space for vehicles to pull over, notifying authorities can also be a good way to insure that drivers can be made aware of a vehicle that requires repairs or assistance.

Drivers are responsible for making sure they use proper care when making their vehicle noticeable to oncoming vehicles using the required equipment and means. In addition, companies employing truck drivers must be accountable for proper training regarding such requirements and laws as well as proper hiring practicing that can help insure that drivers can perform such tasks adequately.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or lost their lives in a truck accident caused by inadequate warnings or truck driver negligence, call our 18 wheeler accident lawyers in San Antonio, Laredo, Waco and statewide Texas for a free initial case evaluation today. With research specialists, possessing military and law enforcement training and backgrounds, our team of attorneys can quickly begin compiling evidence related to your potential truck accident lawsuit, while seeking fair compensation for injuries, wrongful death and damages. Don’t hesitate. Call today. We care. We can help.


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