Three Killed When Truck Hits Pothole, Driver Loses Control

A head-on collision on Texas 85 left three people dead and one more seriously injured on Thursday after a pickup truck hit a pothole and lost control, veering into the opposing lane of traffic.

Police identified the driver of the pickup truck as 38-year-old Robert Galindo, of George West. The other two men killed in the accident on Highway 85 were identified as Louisiana residents, 26-year-old Kumasi Trunell Kearney, of Lafayette, and 42-year-old Kurt Evan Bernard, of Scott.

Both Kearney and Bernard were occupants in an oil field truck, which was struck by the out of control pickup truck, police said. Galindo, Kearney and Bernard were pronounced dead at the scene of the Texas car accident.

Galindo’s passenger, 14-year-old Jacob Castro, was transported to University Hospital with serious head injuries and back injuries, authorities said.

Officials said everyone was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the Highway 85 car accident, except Bernard.

It’s hard enough to stay safe and protect our family and loved ones while operating the roads and interstates across Texas. Despite efforts to protect ourselves and families from the devastation of car a car accident, when hazardous and poorly maintained roads enter the mix the risk of experiencing an accident sky rockets.

Road hazards and defects can sometimes be important factors in serious car accidents, preventing vehicles from operating in a safe manner. One type of serious road hazard is caused by the failure to maintain roadway safety with proper maintenance. Some types of maintenance defects include:

  • Uneven pavement, including potholes
  • Low hanging or overgrown trees or landscaping
  • Dangerous road debris
  • Broken guardrails

By failing to maintain roadways and allowing hazards like potholes and uneven pavement to go unaddressed, driver and passengers are at risk of enduring serious accidents, including, tire blowouts, rollovers, collisions and vehicle damage.

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