Tire Blowout Accident Sparks Rollover in Georgetown, Texas

A rollover accident in Georgetown sent several people to the hospital and left one occupant dead as a result of the single vehicle car accident on I-35.

The accident occurred on Saturday afternoon in northbound Interstate 35 traffic when the van, occupied by seven people, experienced a tire blowout accident.

As a result of the tire accident on I-35, the driver of the vehicle lost control, sparking a rollover crash. Four of the occupants endured serious, life-threatening injuries as a result of the single car wreck. One of the occupants was pronounced dead at the scene of the tire blowout crash. Two other occupants experienced minor injuries caused by the rollover. An update on the identities and current conditions of the victims of the Central Texas rollover accident has not been provided.

Officials believe the van may have rolled as many as three times before coming to a rest. The stretch of I-35 was closed down as officials investigated and cleared the wreckage.

Tire Blowout Attorneys in Texas | Car Accident Lawyers in Round Rock, TX

During summer months, when temperatures heat up, tires can become a vital piece of equipment that can protect occupants by operating as intended, or leave them at serious risk for injuries and death. In some situations where a Texas tire blow out accident occurs, defects in the tire itself may be linked to failures and subsequent crashes. Tire blowouts that occur on rear tires, specifically on the driver’s side of a vehicle can catch drivers by surprise, prompting overcorrection and loss of control.

In the instance of a rollover, various parts of a vehicle are designed to meet certain standards and protect occupants from head injuries associated with roof crush. But while roof crush and the strength of a vehicle’s roof are important parts of protecting drivers and passengers, keeping them within the vehicle during a rollover is equally important.

The importance of seatbelts and proper use are something that many drivers and passengers are aware of. But in addition to adequate safety restraints, the type of glass used in vehicle windows is also vital to preventing accident ejection. While tempered glass was long used in windows, laminated glass was found to be a better way to keep occupants in a car, truck or SUV because of the way the glass holds together.

If you or someone you love have been seriously injured in a rollover accident where you suspect a blown tire or other piece of equipment caused your accident or failed to protect you during the instance of a crash, call our auto product liability lawyers in Austin, Round Rock, Temple and statewide Texas for a free initial consultation. We care. We can help.


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