Tire Blowout in New Mexico Kills Carlsbad Man in Rollover Accident

A tire blowout caused a serious rollover accident in Eddy County, New Mexico last week, claiming the life of a Carlsbad resident, officials said Friday.

New Mexico State Police identified the man killed in the single vehicle rollover accident in Eddy County as 33-year-old Angel Mata.

After a tire blowout cause Mata to lose control of the pickup truck he was driving, police said the driver attempted to regain control, overcorrecting the vehicle. The truck rollover over multiple times.

Officials said Mata did not appear to have been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the New Mexico tire blowout rollover accident.

Additionally, there were passengers in the vehicle at the time of the rollover. Authorities said there were other injuries tied to the accident among Mata’s passengers but the names and details were not released.

Tire blowouts, especially those that occur on the rear tires of a vehicle, can often result in rollover accidents. Some of the causes of tire blowouts include, aged rubber or materials, sometimes sold as new tires, defective design, tread separation or poor manufacturing execution.

The instance of a tire blowout can sometimes cause the driver of a vehicle to lose control and overcorrect. In SUV’s and pickup trucks with higher centers of gravity, the result of a tire blowout can be deadly, causing the vehicle to overturn and cause serious head injuries, neck injuries, spin injuries and death.

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