Tire blowout season is upon us, is your vehicle safe?

With Texas temperatures on the rise, heat can take a serious toll on our bodies, but did you know it also poses an extreme threat to motorists and their vehicles, particularly their tires.

From mid-May until early October, Texas experiences what is known as “blowout season”. As the name suggests, this period is when the highest number of tire blowouts occur. This is due in part to higher than normal air temperatures, causing tires to overheat and explode.

During the hot summer months, roadways can reach as high as 150 degrees fahrenheit, which contributes directly to your tires overheating.

A blowout will also occur when your tires are not properly inflated and are unable to support as much weight as intended.

Another leading factor in tire blowouts is overloading your vehicle. When the weight of a vehicle is higher than the Gross Vehicular Weight Rating given to it by its manufacturer, the vehicle is unsafe to operate. Coupled with high temperatures and underinflation, this overloading becomes a recipe for disaster.

A blowout is considered a major safety concern, and could result in serious injury or death. Tire blowouts limit your control over your vehicle and may result in a rollover, or head-on collision with others.

Blowouts are more likely to occur on major highways and interstates, as these are areas where tires are more likely to overheat due to excessive speeds.

Tire blowouts can also cause a chain reaction. Once one tire blows, the shrapnel, or sudden uneven distribution of weight can cause your remaining tires to blow as well.

Hundreds of injuries and deaths are caused every single year by tire blowouts, and in many cases could have been prevented.

How to prevent a tire blowout

Your tires should be checked each and every month. Make sure that they have adequate tread, and are properly inflated. If you believe that your tires have been damaged, it is important to rotate them or purchase new ones. Tires shouldn’t be kept longer than 10 years. If unable to perform these functions on your own, any auto maintenance shop can do it for you.

How The Carlson Law Firm can help you

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a tire blowout, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact one of our offices today for a free consultation. The Carlson Law Firm has a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys who are ready to help.


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