Tire Blowout Single-Vehicle Rollover Claims Life of Odessa Man

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 23-Jan-2012

A tire blowout near Presido, Texas claimed the life of an Odessa man last Saturday when it caused his vehicle to rollover, officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

Trooper identified the driver of the 1998 Chevy Blazer as 30-year-old Ivan Leyva.

According to reports, Leyva was traveling down U.S. Highway 67, when the rear tire of his SUV blew out, causing the vehicle to roll multiple times before settling nearby.

Leyva was pronounced dead at the scene of the single-vehicle rollover. He was the only occupant within the vehicle.

Tire blowouts can be provoked by a variety of factors. Although proper maintenance is vital to keeping tires operating at an optimum level, other factors can sometimes lead to tire blowouts that cause serious accidents.

Poor design, improper manufacturing and defective materials are just some aspects that can affect the safety of a vehicle’s tires. Defective glue used to attach the tread to the belt of the tire can cause the tread to later separate, causing loss of control, especially for vehicles traveling at highway speeds.

Old tires, sold as new equipment can cause blowouts because of the lack of durability associated with aged rubber. Consumers buying new tires should take care to check the manufacturing date posted in the inner edge of a tire, to ensure the rubber is not outdated.

Over time, tires can become increasingly worn, despite the treat or whether they were recently purchased, causing the tread to become separated. The true age of the tire can be seen by looking at that third digit molded into the tire, which corresponds with the last digit in the year it was made. The first two digits molded into the rubber, will display numbers corresponding to which week, in that year, in which the tire was manufactured.

Despite clear information and data highlighting the dangers associated with aged tires, the government still does not regulate tires with an expiration date.

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