Titus County Woman Killed in Texas 18 Wheeler Accident on I-30

A woman from Titus County, Texas was killed in an 18 wheeler truck accident on I-30, on Friday, police said.

Authorities identified the woman as Luz E. Dominquez, 30.

According to reports, Dominguez was traveling westbound, in the same direction as an 18 wheeler truck, which was driven by 37-year-old Mohamed Dahir, a resident of Columbus, Ohio.

Police said the vehicle driven by Dominguez drove up under the 18 wheeler. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Both vehicles’ occupants were wearing seatbelts at the time of the Texas 18 wheeler accident. Police are still investigating what may have caused Dominguez’s vehicle to ride up underneath the 2002 Freightliner tractor trailer truck.

In some situations where vehicles slide beneath 18 wheeler trucks and big rigs, the larger trucks may not be equipped with products that meet safety requirements. For example, in most states, trucks must be outfitted with under-ride guards, which are designed to protect the occupants of smaller vehicles, which can easily be crushed by the impact of even a slower rear-end truck collision.

In other situations, rear-end collisions involving big trucks and smaller passenger vehicles may have been prevented with the use of safety equipment, like flares, cones and reflective gear, designed to draw attention to truck that may be pulled over or stopped for maintenance issues or other instances.

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